Technical rider

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Type of act:                              

Mobile act


2 x 45 minutes


Both daytime and evening performances are possible.

Area conditions: performing and preparation of costumes and constructions  

Both outside and inside locations possible

No slippery surface.

A spacious location for both preparation and performance is essential (preparation 5 x 7m). The costumes are 3,5m. high, 5m.long and 1m.wide and need room to move! In case the areas to prepare the costumes and  to perform are separate, a spacious passage between both areas is necessary.

Starting point and finish of the performance need to be the same.

Minimum height: 4,5 m.

The area to prepare the costumes and constructions must be roofed.

Security officers are required on this area

In case of several performing dates the area needs to be locked at night

Dressing room (facility to change) close to starting and finish point.

Dressing room with running water.

An electricity point for charging the batteries in between performances.


3 - 8


6 BLUE BIRDS(blue)

1 Azurro (leader)

1 Fire performer

4 BIRDS (gold), for special occasions only


The organisation must arrange (minimal) one person (security) to assist and accompany the act during the performance(s)

Build up time:                           

1,5 hours before start

Break down time:                   

1 hour


No technical requirements are needed.

Music installations are installed in the costumes, playing sounds and mystical sound scapes.

At night or in darkness a fire player with hand flares can provide for additional lighting.


Space is required for 1 or 2 vans and x number of cars, (depending on number of performers).


Lunch and / or dinner and drinks need to be provided

Overnight stay:                        

Depending on schedule, hotel accommodation (only single or twin rooms) may need including breakfast to be provided