These noisy mobiles are out of control. They create their own path, and nothing can stand in their way.

Traffic rules? Never heard of.

Obstacles? They do not care.

Changing lanes? They dont even know where they are going.

But they are on the road, so you better stay clear.


Type of act:

The Rebels loudly move with high speed straight through any crowd, continuing their endless road trip. Their faces roughly painted and bodies full with tattoos.

They carry their own sound and light system that strengthens the menacing attitude.

With their strong attendance and improvised play the Rebels can reach small and large audiences.

They use 1 meter stilts. The costumes are being put on and of at specially designed boxes. Especially at the end of the show, often a large number of people are awaiting the dismantlement of these rioters.



By night a fire player with hand flares can be added. The hand flares create a magical lighting effect for the spectacle